Get all of the features you need to deploy with confidence

• CI/CD, from ephemeral previews to production deployments
• Managed infrastructure with 24/7/365 support and zero-downtime patching and upgrades
• Centralized, Metrics, Logging, and Alerting


GlueOps Enterprise

GitOps Driven Platform

Continuous Deployment

Supports all Registries (Docker Hub, Google Cloud, GitHub, AWS, Azure, Quay, etc.)

Host on any cloud and even bare-metal (AWS, Azure, Google, Linode, Digital Ocean, etc.)

Alert delivery to OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Slack, Teams, VictorOps, WeChat, Email, custom WebHooks

Customizable Alerts based on your specific application metrics and logs


Configurable, optional approvals for deployments to different environments


Full support for GitHub

Centralized Logging

Comphrenensive Application Metrics (CPU/Memory/Network)

Custom Environment Variables to enable 12 Factor App Deployments

Secrets Management

Auto Rolling Deploy

Log Retention

On-demand ephemeral Preview Environments

Unlimited Applications (Web Apps, CronJobs, Single Tasks/Jobs, Background workers)

Fully Automated SSL Certificate Management


Web Application Firewall

Persistent Storage Solutions

Private Networking and Connectivity to your favorite Cloud Services

24/7 Infrastructure Support

Microsoft Teams Connect

Slack Connect

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