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Creating your AWS Account for the GlueOps Platform

To have the GlueOps Platform you need a single AWS account that will be dedicated to the deployment. We recommend creating an AWS sub account, also known as a member account. This requires you setup an AWS Organization which will own all your accounts. By using an AWS Organization you can easily create dozens of AWS sub accounts. We won't go into great detail on how to do this as this is very AWS specific but if you need help just reach out to the GlueOps team and we can provide you with additional guidance for your use case.


For each cluster you deploy with the GlueOps platform, you must provide a separate AWS account.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to:

  • Verify your AWS accounts and increase service quotas
  • Create an AWS IAM user

Verifications and Service Quotas

Depending on your cluster size the GlueOps Platform will need at least 32 vCPU's. To help make it easier to get service quotas we recommend verifying your accounts immediately after account creation. These vCPU's (roughly 6) will be used to deploy the GlueOps Platform Control Plane and the remainder will be used for either your own applications or to provide temporary capacity for security fixes and upgrades.

Phone verification

  1. Login to your AWS Sub/member account and open a Support Case.
  2. Choose Account and Billing Support.
  3. For Type, select Account.
  4. For Category, select Activation.
  5. In the Case description section, provide a date and time when you can be reached.
  6. In the Contact options section, select Chat for Contact methods
  7. Choose Submit.

Payment Verification (Setting a default payment method)

  1. Login to your AWS Sub/member account
  2. Follow the directions as outlined on the AWS Documentation

Adding the default should have no direct impact on any consolidated Organizational Billing that you may have setup. Since this is a sub account all your bills should still aggregate to the root account. So if you have invoice billing, this should have no impact to that. However, it's always best to check with your AWS account representative on your particular situation.

Service Quotas

  1. Login to the AWS Sub/member account
  2. Ensure you are in the region that you want the cluster deployed in.
  3. For each quota listed below, follow the steps outlined on the AWS site to request a quota increase

Quotas to increase:

Quota nameMinimum Required
Running On-Demand Standard (A, C, D, H, I, M, R, T, Z) instances32 vCPU

The more applications you have the large these numbers may need to be. Please consult with the GlueOps team for your specific use case.

Creating an AWS IAM User and Credentials

Creating an AWS IAM User

  1. Login to the AWS Sub/member account
  2. Create an IAM user, we recommend naming it captain-deployment-svc-account and assign it the Policy named AdministratorAccess.
  3. Copy the full ARN for the user and securely store it.

If you need help creating a user, please contact the GlueOps team or reference the AWS Documentation here:

Creating AWS IAM User Credentials

  1. Create Security Credentials for the IAM user you just created and securely save the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

If you need help creating credentials, please contact the GlueOps team or reference the AWS Documentation here:

Retrieving values

By completing the above steps, you should have verified your AWS accounts and obtained the following values:

These values will be required by the GlueOps team before they can deploy your cluster. Please use a temporary sharing passsword service like Doppler or OneTimeSecret to share it with GlueOps.