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Creating your GitHub App

The GlueOps Platform requires you install a GitHub App so that the following services can be provided:

To enable GlueOps access to your GitHub organization, you will need to do the following:


For each cluster you deploy with the GlueOps platform, create a separate GitHub app as directed below.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to obtain these values:

  • GitHub App ID
  • Github App Installation ID
  • Github App Private Key

Create the GitHub App ID

To create the GitHub App, follow these steps:

  1. On your Github Organization page, go to the Settings > Developer settings and click on GitHub Apps.
Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 14 33 31
  1. Click on New GitHub App button.
Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 20 44 42
  1. GitHub App name: Enter a name for your GitHub app. This will get used as the username for all comments in your Pull Requests and it must be globally unique across all of GitHub. If your captain domain is, and since it is over the 34 character limit we would recommend calling it: np - where np is shorthand for nonprod

    • Homepage URL: Specify the URL for the GitHub App's homepage. We suggest using https://glueops.devfor consistency.
Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 23 47 04
  1. Deselect Active as Webhooks are not currently required by the GitHub App.

  2. Set the following repository permissions to the GitHub App

    • Permissions: Grant the following repository permissions to the GitHub App:

      • Contents: Read and write
      • Discussions: Read and write
      • Issues: Read and write
      • Metadata: Read-only (mandatory)
      • Pull requests: Read and write
    • Where can this GitHub App be installed?: Select "Only on this account." This limits the GitHub App to your organization.

  3. Click on Create GitHub App to create the GitHub App with the provided configuration.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 21 11 11
  1. After creating the GitHub App, you will be provided with an App ID.

Save the App ID so you can provide it to GlueOps

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 23 47 04

Generate the private key

To generate the private key for your GitHub App, follow these steps:

  • On the GitHub App's homepage, scroll down to Private keys section

  • Click on Generate a private key. This will download a private key file.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 22 15 09

Save the Private Key so you can provide it to GlueOps

Add Display logo (Optional)

Adding logo to your GitHub App ensures that when our bot comments it'll use the image for easy identification. To add the logo:

  • Save and download the GlueOps logo image

  • On the GitHub App's homepage, locate the Display Information section and click on Upload logo

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 14 30 29

Once uploaded, this is the final outcome

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 22 26 19

You can also upload your own custom image if desired.

Get Installation ID

To complete the GitHub App setup, you need to install the GitHub App in your organization.

  • In the left side of the GitHub App's homepage, click on Install App

  • Choose an account to install your GitHub App

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 01 06 19
  • Confirm the installation by following the on-screen prompts.

  • This ID can be retrieved from the URL of the App installation homepage

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 01 19 29

From the URL the GitHub App Installation ID would be 40423720. Save this Installation ID so that you can provide it to GlueOps.

Retrieving values

By completing the above steps, you should have obtained the following values from the GitHub App:

These values will be required by the GlueOps team before they can deploy your cluster. Please use a temporary sharing passsword service like Doppler or OneTimeSecret to share it with GlueOps.