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Creating your GitHub OAuth App

GlueOps uses a combination of GitHub and Dex IdP to verify your access to all GlueOps Control Plane services.

In order to deploy your cluster, the GlueOps team will need you to provide the following values:

  • Client ID: This is the Client ID of your GitHub OAuth app.
  • Client Secret: This is the Client Secret generated for your GitHub OAuth app.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to obtain these values:


For each cluster you deploy with the GlueOps platform, you must create a new GitHub OAuth app.

Create the OAuth App

To create the OAuth App, follow these steps:

  1. On your Github Organization page, go to the Settings > Developers settings and click on Oauth Apps.
Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 13 51 37
  1. Click on New Org OAuth App button to create a new OAuth application.
Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 20 28 27
  1. Application name: Enter a name for your OAuth app. This will start with dex. and end with your captain domain. Assuming your captain domain is, your application name should be:

The GlueOps team will provide you with the captain domain.

  1. Homepage URL: Specify the homepage URL for your OAuth app. The homepage URL contains the following
    • The URL suffix https://dex. Where dex is the service we manage.
    • The application name. In this case
    • The tenant key identifying your organization. In this case antoniostacos
    • The top level domain for GlueOps services

For the example cluster, the home page URL is

  1. Authorization callback URL: Set the authorization callback URL for your OAuth app. Add /callback to the homepage URL. For the example cluster your authorization callback URL would be

  2. Once you have filled in the details, click on Register application to create the GitHub OAuth app.

register new github oauth application

Once your app is registered you'll receive your OAuth App Client ID. In the example above it's f07f0ea7913b9341f20d

Generate Client Secret

The client secret is a confidential value that is used for secure communication. In the OAuth app settings page:

  • Scroll down to the Client Secrets section
  • Click on Generate a new client secret.
get client secret github oauth application

Once the client secret is generated, make sure to copy and securely store it. In the example above it's 4274f2e792e6c9d16f1d7c9bf22bdcfeafbd9c13

Retrieving values

By completing the above steps, you should have obtained the following values from the GitHub OAuth App:

  • Client ID: This is the Client ID of your GitHub OAuth app.
  • Client Secret: This is the Client Secret generated for your GitHub OAuth app.

These values will be required by the GlueOps team before they can deploy your cluster. Please use a temporary sharing passsword service like Doppler or OneTimeSecret to share it with GlueOps.