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GlueOps, we strive to strike a balance between enabling teams to leverage the power of leading Developer Platform technologies without introducing new interfaces or workflows to learn.

As a result, we’ve sought to expose the array of tools developers need in the context of existing workflows and leverage git events to achieve this developer experience. We love GitOps because it enables teams to orchestrate workflows via events they are already generating — such as committing code, opening pull requests, and tagging commits.

Along the way, we’ve developed a few tools to create an easy and enjoyable developer experience and wanted to share our Pull Request Bot with you.

In the context of a pull request, a developer seeks to contribute code to a project and requests a peer to review the contribution before the changes are made. Too often, these code reviews fall victim to a focus on code style or can be overwhelming if many changes are made — both of which limit the core objective of viewing those changes in the context of a running application.

When a pull request is opened for a team using the GlueOps platform, a number of actions occur — a preview environment is deployed, metrics from the preview environment are collected, and logs are aggregated.

With these features, a reviewer can not only test a running preview of the deployed code in a production-like environment, the reviewer can also observe logs and metrics generated by the preview.

In addition, the reviewer does not need to use a separate interface or remember how to find the telemetry they care about across an array of systems. Code reviews faster, more informative, and result in high-confidence deployments — no more concerns about “it works on my machine” or configuring a local environment to test and run proposed changes.

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