General Folders Bootstraps A Developer Platform In Days with GlueOps

glueops + general folders

After a successful funding round, General Folders needed to quickly onboard engineering teams and efficiently deploy new versions of its application as they added features to the product.

With GlueOps’ native integrations across the suite of developer tools, including AWS, GCP, and GitHub, General Folders didn’t need to set up workflows for onboarding new engineers or create appropriate access for testing and reliable production deployments.




  • Deployed on the first day of onboarding onto the platform.
  • Created multiple environments out-of-the-box, without the need for manual configuration.
  • Enabled numerous engineering teams to create development environments and deploy to production.



Businesses collaborate through data. Yet data transfer infrastructure is costly to build, prone to leaks, and difficult to maintain. General Folders is the first AI-powered data logistics platform created for seamless and secure collaboration with customers and partners.


Problem Statement

As a fast-growing startup addressing some of the biggest challenges in data logistics, General Folders needed to quickly ramp up its engineering teams. During the ramp, General Folders also had to ensure that reliable deployment workflows were in place alongside appropriate access controls to enable limitation-free development while providing deterministic and approved deployments to production.


Adopting GlueOps

General Folders leveraged the GlueOps platform to provide foundational DevOps infrastructure to deploy applications. The platform enabled rapid iteration cycles while ensuring stability for end customers.


The Future with GlueOps

As General Folders grows, its ability to deliver products will not be limited by the capabilities of the developer platform it has deployed with GlueOps. Additionally, General Folders will be able to invest all of its resources into building differentiated features.

With GlueOps, General Folders underscores a commitment to a world-class developer platform and the central role that DevOps plays in delivering leading products.

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